In Loving Memory of Sholem Benchimol Z'l

Sholems' Fund

Turn your passion into meaning

Receive up to $1,000 in grants to create a meaningful impact in the world.

Sholems' Fund

Sholems' Fund was launched for students attending Yeshiva University looking to create a meaningful impact in the world with their passion.
The fund is named after Sholem Benchimol Z'L. A 17-year-old teen that had a passion for combining Judaism and soccer.

Sholem was known for his brave heart and spirit to lift others up.

The fund is part of the non-profit launched by the Benchimol Family, Sholem Corazon Valiente to keep his legacy alive.
It will be managed by students from Yeshiva University.

Your idea

We are looking for innovative ways to impact our communities.
Some ideas we had:
Restore the Synagogue in CuracaoTeach entrepreneurship to Satmer momsCreate a Yeshiva educational system focusing on emotional intelligence and Montessori techniques
What's your idea?

How it works

The fund will be managed by students of Yeshiva University. Once you apply, the board will make a decision within 1 month. Winners will be granted up to $1,000 to launch their idea to make this world a more meaningful place.


Step 1: Fill out the form.Step 2: Board will review the idea and get back to you in less than 1 month.Step 3: 1-hour Zoom meeting with the board.Step 4: (rarely): 1 more meeting to get into follow up questions/talk to another team member/referencesThat’s it! You’ll hear back in less than 24 hours.Please remember as a non-profit, the money provided by this fund is intended to be the fuel to get to meaningful goals and not the ultimate goal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of ideas?

Be creative! We are looking for ideas that can impact the world one small step at a time.
The first year, we want to focus on ideas that can impact the Jewish communities

How much are the grants?

$500 to $1,000

What can I do with the funds?

Its your idea, we believe in you on how to execute it. The grant is here to give a little boost to you or your team to make an impact in this world

How many grants will you provide a semester?


What are some examples of ideas you would fund

  • Reconstruct the Synagogue of Curacao

  • Create a Yeshiva educational system focusing on emotional intelligence and Montessori techniques

  • Preserve the Jewish history of Afghanistan by documenting stories

  • Interview Latin holocaust survivors to preserve their stories

  • Teach values to kids from broken families in Israel

  • Scouting platform for Religious Jews looking to enhance their soccer skills

  • Teach entrepreneurship to Satmer moms

Who will make a decision on the ideas that will be funded?

The board of the International club at Yeshiva University

Can I contribute to Sholems' fund?

Yes. All funds are tax deductible via the Sholem Corazon Valiente non-profit

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